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Welcome to Unreal Solutions Ltd.

In and around the website you will find a wealth of product information, downloads, guidelines, and support on the wide range of professional Ecological & Environmentally enhancing landscape products, Green Roof products and components, Rainwater Harvesting & Water Storage Tanks, SUD's Products  (Sustainable Urban Drainage)  and professional tree care products we supply and much more besides.

We specialise in the sourcing and supply of a wide range of low maintenance landscaping and sustainability products suitable for both professional & domestic use as well as products aimed specifically at specialist markets such as our ever expanding Green Roof product portfolio from leading manufacturers. We objectively aim to promote products and which either protect or enhance the environment in which they are to be used or are sympathetic to it in some way or another by the use of recycled or otherwise waste materials during their manufacture or offer ecological advantages by their inclusion in schemes and projects.

Unreal Solutions work closely with specially selected landscape product distributors and importers as well as specialist manufacturing partners to ensure we integrate seamlessly to provide a complete solution from start to finish for our clients enabling them to save time and ultimately costs involved in sourcing the right products at the tright time and within budget.

Many of the products we supply are carried in stock at our warehouse in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, others are made on a bespoke basis and we also draw from stock held in convenient nationwide facilities. Products not in stock or large quantity requirements are available for delivery usually within 3 to 5 working days.

We deal with customers from both the UK and around the world - if you are looking for products we offer in a different country or are UK based but need delivery overseas, contact us with your requirements - our objective is to provide your solution. 

Products & Services.

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Our objective is to provide sustainable products and solutions to a wide range of related markets with a diverse range of applications. Our range is diverse because our client base is as extensive as are the areas they operate in. With more and more of our clients embracing more and more opportunities, we aim to provide a new and unique solution for our customers base to utilise.